Each project is different and so are we.

Nations Group is a professional owner's representation firm that provides a more holistic, integrated approach to project development, public private partnerships, project management and finance solutions for all types of complex projects.

We look at the details objectively and from an owner's perspective, as a whole from beginning to end. We examine your goals, sustainability requirements, critical issues, challenges, budget and schedule. We determine what's important to you and listen to what your priorities are, ensuring each project is a success – completed on time and on budget.

We're on your side helping you make critical decisions, providing reasonable options and solutions, giving unbiased recommendations, and working with you to develop and implement a specific plan. 

Our job is to make your job easier. 

Whether you're building a new collegiate sports or student life facility, K-12 school, convention center, hotel or stadium, our project management team brings the experience, relationships, value and proven results you can believe in.

What makes us different?

Nations Group is a true owner's representation firm. 

The benefit? We always provide solutions for our client projects that will provide the best results. No bias. No conflicts of interest. Full transparency. Our approach includes an actionable plan that works seamlessly with your timeline and your budget.